Centralized storage

It provides a centralized location for businesses to store and organize their documents securely. This eliminates the need for multiple storage locations, reducing the risk of data loss or security breaches.


Access control

Access to the repository is strictly controlled, with permissions and privileges granted only to authorized users. This helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures that sensitive data is protected.



It allows for seamless collaboration among team members, with features like version control and document sharing. This promotes efficient workflows, enhances productivity, and ensures the latest version of documents.


Secure Centralised Document Repository

Share and manage documents across the organization. In Upbooks, the most recent versions are available to everyone, and data is always safe. A centralized document repository is a logical approach to keeping all of your important files safe and secure in one place. There are many uses of document repositories, but they are most frequently used to provide access to and security for all of your company's papers and data. In the majority of firms, repositories serve as a central location from which all workers may access Word documents, emails, scanned files, PDF files, external data, CAD files, pictures, and other images. It helps to

  • Reduce storage space and prevent data loss
  • Secure critical information
  • Simplify file recovery and backup procedures
  • Provide consolidated document access
Our Plans

Plans for all kinds of businesses

Choose what's best for your organization and pay only for what you want to use.



750 / Month (Billed annually)
  • Sales Order & Invoicing
  • Vendors & Purchase Orders
  • Expense Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Centralied Documents Repository
  • Advanced Reports
  • Automated Reminders
  • 1 API Key Included
  • Invite Teammates
  • 2 GB Storage Included
  • Expense Tracking App
  • Projects Management App
  • Employee Connect App


1667 / Month (Billed annually)
  • Everything in Basic
  • Leads & Enquiries
  • Inventory Management
  • HR & Payroll Suite
  • Add upto 50 Assets
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • 2 Branches
  • 1 Warehouse
  • 5 Backups per Month
  • Invite upto 3 Teammates
  • 5 GB Storage Included
  • Projects Management App


2250 / Month (Billed annually)
  • Everything in Startup
  • Unlimited Clients & Vendors
  • Unlimited Leads & Enquiries
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Assets
  • Deals & Contracts
  • Employee Spends & Reimbursements
  • Email Rules & Tracking
  • Unlimited Branches
  • Unlimited Warehouses
  • Invite upto 5 Teammates
  • 10 GB Storage Included
  • Employee Connect App

Looking for something else? Choose a custom pricing model and pick the right products from our suite.

Upbooks offers various whitelable options so you can purchase license and pay additional for customizations to craft your very own ERP solution that is only available to you. To learn more about license fee or customizations, please contact our sales team.

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Additional Users and Storage
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