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How do I create recurring invoices?

Once you add an invoice by providing the necessary details like client name, invoice, and payment details, then choose recurring invoices. You can check the box and set a recurring frequency if you want your invoices to be recurring.

How do I create recurring expenses?

You can record expenses from the purchase tab. To add an expense, click on record expenses, then add the necessary details like title, type of expense, vendor name, select orders, amount, and date. To make your expenses recurring, check the "make it recurring" box, and set a recurring frequency. Additionally, you can also upload receipts for the expense and click on "add."

How can I connect payments online using Upbooks?

You can connect razorpay in the organisation settings > online payments and then update invoice settings to accept payments through razorpay.

How much will I be charged for collecting online payments?

We charge 0.9% transaction fee, 0.5 settlement fee from our platform, plus the razorpay gateway fee which you can check on their website.

Can I use Upbooks with an ecommerce website?

Upbooks is perfect for your ecommerce business, as it’s tightly integrated with the razorpay payment gateway. You can create invoices, generate bills, sales orders and raise purchase orders to suppliers, and convert them to bills upon receiving the stock.

Is Upbooks GST compliant?

Upbooks is an extensive billing and accounting software in compliance with GST that supports both registered taxpayers and taxpayers under composition schemes.

Accounting for ecommerce business

In ecommerce, it’s impossible to accurately handle your finances if you don’t keep your financial records in order. Keeping your payables and receivables under control, together with other payments, is a major prerequisite for a steady and well-planned growth in ecommerce.