Upbooks Employee Connect

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Welcome to Upbooks – Employee connect App! #

Thank you for choosing the Upbooks Employee App to streamline your salary management, leave requests, and personal information. This documentation will guide you through the key features and functionalities of the app.

Salary Management: #

salary tab overview

The salary tab allows employees to access their monthly salary details, apply filters for specific months and years, and manage claims for expenses and reimbursements.

  • Monthly Salary List: View a list of monthly salaries, providing transparency and easy access to salary information for each pay period.
  • Filter Options: Apply filters for specific months and years to retrieve salary details for desired periods, enhancing search and retrieval capabilities.
  • Claim Management: Access and manage claims for expenses and reimbursements directly from the salary tab, providing a seamless workflow for claim submission and processing.
  • Apply Claim: View all spends/claims and add new claims for expenses or reimbursements, ensuring accurate and timely claim submissions.
  • Claim Details: View detailed information for each claim, including claim type, amount, date, and status, facilitating easy tracking and monitoring of claims.
  • Claim Approval Workflow: Track the status of submitted claims and view comments or notifications from approvers regarding claim approvals or rejections.
  • Claim History: Access claim history to review past claims, approvals, and reimbursements, providing a comprehensive overview of expense management activities.
  • Claim Submission: Submit claims for various expenses such as travel, accommodation, meals, or other business-related expenditures, streamlining reimbursement processes.
  • Claim Verification: Verify submitted claims for accuracy and compliance with organizational policies and procedures, ensuring proper documentation and validation.

Document Management: #

documentation tab overview

The documentation tab provides a centralized repository for managing and accessing various documents, offering a user-friendly card view for easy navigation and reference.

  • Document List: Access a comprehensive list of documents in a card view format, displaying essential information such as document type and number for quick identification.
  • Document Types: View different types of documents, including Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license, voter ID card, tax declaration form, and general declaration form.
  • Document Upload: Upload and manage documents directly from the profile tab, ensuring seamless integration and centralized document management.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through the document list effortlessly with a visually appealing card-based layout, enhancing usability and readability.
  • Document Details: Click on individual cards to view detailed information about each document, including document type, number, and any additional metadata.
  • Document Verification: Verify uploaded documents for accuracy and completeness, ensuring compliance with organizational and regulatory requirements.
  • Document Security: Maintain document security and confidentiality through robust access controls and encryption measures, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Document History: Track document history to review past uploads, updates, and approvals, facilitating audit trails and record-keeping.

Leave Management: #

leaves tab overview

The leaves tab provides employees with comprehensive leave management tools, allowing them to view leave summaries, apply filters, and access a user-friendly list of leaves.

  • Leave Summary: Get an overview of your available leaves, categorized by type (casual, sick, etc.), to help you plan your time off effectively.
  • Filter Options: Utilize filters such as month (January to December), status (applied, approved, rejected), and category (sick, casual, earned, compensation) to refine your leave search and view.
  • Leave List: View all your leaves in a user-friendly card view, displaying essential information such as leave type, reason, and from-to dates for easy reference.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through your leave list effortlessly with a visually appealing and intuitive card-based layout, enhancing usability and readability.
  • Apply for Leaves: Easily apply for leaves directly from the leaves tab, with options to specify leave type, reason, and duration for streamlined leave request submission.
  • Leave Approval Workflow: Track the status of your leave requests and view comments or notifications from managers or administrators regarding leave approvals or rejections.
  • Leave Balance: Stay informed about your remaining leave balance for each leave type, ensuring transparency and accountability in leave usage.
  • Leave History: Access your leave history to review past leave requests and approvals, aiding in leave planning and record-keeping.

Apply Leave: #

leave apply overview

The leave apply enables employees to easily add leaves based on leave type, reason, and duration.

  • Add Leave: Submit leave requests with ease by selecting the leave type, reason, and duration options.
  • Leave Type Selection: Choose from various leave types such as casual, sick, earned, or compensation, depending on the nature of the absence.
  • Reason Specification: Provide a reason for the leave request to facilitate approval and ensure transparency in leave management.
  • Duration Options: Select between single-day or multi-day leave options based on the duration of the absence.
  • Single-Day Leave: For single-day leaves, choose the date of absence and optionally select half-day leave with options for first half or second half.
  • Multi-Day Leave: For multi-day leaves, specify the start date and end date of the absence period to cover consecutive days off.
  • Leave Approval Workflow: Track the status of leave requests and receive notifications or comments from approvers regarding leave approvals or rejections.

Employee Profile Management: #

profile tab overview

The profile management provides employees with a centralized platform to manage their personal and professional information securely and conveniently.

  • Profile Picture: Update or add a profile picture to personalize your profile and enhance recognition within the organization.
  • Email Address: Manage your email address to ensure accurate communication and correspondence with colleagues and administrators.
  • Phone Number: Update your phone number to facilitate effective communication and contactability within the workplace.
  • Current Address: Provide your current address for administrative purposes and to ensure accurate correspondence.
  • Permanent Address: Specify your permanent address for reference and administrative purposes.
  • ID Proof: Upload official identification documents such as PAN card or Voter ID card for verification and authentication purposes.
  • Bank Details: Add or update your bank account information for salary processing and financial transactions.
  • ESI Number: Enter your Employee State Insurance (ESI) number for healthcare and insurance benefits.
  • UAN Number: Provide your Universal Account Number (UAN) for provident fund management and benefits.
  • Address Proof: Upload address proof documents such as Aadhar card or Driving license for verification and compliance purposes.
  • Tax Declaration: Declare your tax-related information to ensure accurate tax deduction and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • General Declaration: Provide any additional general declarations or information required by the organization for administrative purposes.

Getting Started: #

To begin using the Upbooks – Project Management app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Login/Signup with your Upbooks account credentials.
  3. Explore the intuitive interface and discover the powerful features at your fingertips.