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UpBooks Onboarding Documentation #

Step 1: User Registration #

To get started with UpBooks, you need to register as a user. You can do this by providing your email and password, or by using one of the social sign-in options such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, or LinkedIn.

Step 2: Organization Details #

After successfully registering as a user, the next step is to provide your organization details. This includes your organization name, country, and state. Fill in the required information to proceed.Organization Details

Step 3: Additional Settings #

Once your organization details are entered, you’ll be prompted to set additional settings such as the default language, currency, and industry for your UpBooks account.Additional Settings

Complete Onboarding #

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the UpBooks onboarding process. You can now start exploring the features and functionalities of UpBooks to manage your orders, invoices, payments, employees, and more.